Welcome! Part 3: Social Hub

Today, in the third installment of the Welcome! series, we’ll be looking at the Social Hub. As social media pervades our daily lives, information comes from all sorts of directions. An average youth can have a ton of social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and even pages on Flickr and YouTube. The same is true for CFC-Youth Canada; our social media presence is felt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube.

We’ve put together the Social Hub to gather our social media accounts and make it easier to see everything at a glance. Right now we have our Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo pages linked (and will hopefully get Instagram running soon enough)! The default view of the Social Hub is all four pages linking their most recent content with thumbnails. If you want to filter to only see a certain account, you can sort by clicking the corresponding button.

As social media continues to grow, expand, and evolve, the Social Hub will do the same. Let’s continue to use it as an avenue to spread the Gospel in new and imaginative ways in the digital age!

God bless!
John Ray Catingub
Annie Au
CFC-Youth Canada National Press Heads


Welcome! Part 1: First Steps

If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully accessed the official CFC-Youth Canada website! Whether you’re coming from the west coast, east coast, anywhere in between, or even internationally, we want to extend to you a very, very cordial welcome. We hope that you enjoy your stay (and subsequent visits!) and pray that the Lord speaks to you in the reflections, media, shares, or anything else that He may work through.

This post, a part of the Welcome! series, will help you get acquainted with the website and much of what it has to offer. Open up a second browser window and we’ll walk you through the new website.

If you look at our homepage you’ll find a navigation bar, Conference banners, the three most recent posts, a featured video and poster, as well as widgets for our Twitter account, Facebook account, Instagram account, and an assortment of links. Sound good so far? Let’s continue!

If you look at the next link in the navigation bar, it says “TNC 2013”. What could that be? That’ll be part two in the Welcome! series so stay tuned!

The next link in the navigation bar is the blog: if you’re familiar with the True North Missionaries blog, curated and written by our Canadian Mission Volunteers and Full-Time Pastoral Workers, or Pacific Region’s blog , Obey and Witness, you’ll find this very similar. As the blog fills up, you’ll be able to sort and find by region, author, subject, program, advocacy, or pretty much anything that can be tagged. Check in on it often to see how our brothers and sisters across the country are moved by the Spirit as they write, reflect, share, and simply proclaim the Gospel in each event.

Following the blog are two links: one for programs and the other for advocacies. If you ever wanted to find out what a certain aspect of the community was, this is the place to find all the information and contact methods. Have a friend curious about the community? This is a great place to start them off!

After programs and advocacies is the Social Hub. Wonder what that could be? Come check out part three in the Welcome! series to find out!

The last three links in the navigation bar; events, about, and contact; are where you can find more information. Wondering what’s coming up in your area or region? Check out “events”. Looking to learn more about CFC-Youth and the Family Ministries? We’ve got that under “about”. Have questions or concerns? You can fill out a message form on the “contact” page.

Finally, right about the contact link in the navigation bar are links to our social media accounts. From left to right they are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and an RSS feed.

That’s it for the first part of our Welcome! series. Get to know the website because it’ll be a major base of operations, so to speak, for us online in this mission area that is the Internet.

On behalf of my counterpart–Annie Au from Mountain Region–and I, my name is John Ray Catingub from Pacific Region and we remain sincerely yours in Christ, the National Press Heads.

God bless!


Welcome! Part 2: TNC 2013

Have you read the first installment of the Welcome! series yet? If you haven’t, we recommend that you do in order to get acquainted with our shiny new website. If you already have, read on and find out what “TNC 2013” could possibly mean!

It’s no secret but, if you haven’t already figured out, “TNC” stands for “True North Conference”. These Conferences are an annual gathering of CFC Youth from across Canada to come together for fellowship, fun, faith, and freedom in an environment to learn about praise, worship, and simply love God. This year, two TNCs are being held: one in the West at the University of Calgary in August and one in the East at the University of Waterloo in July. Because of this, we’ve split the TNC 2013 page in half but don’t fret! All the information is easily accessible for each Conference.

At the top of the page you’ll find the title of the Conference, “Jesus Expo”,  and the official hashtags for the events: #TNC2013 and #JesusExpo. Get them memorized because you can be a part of the New Evangelization when you tweet or Instagram with the hashtags. Anyone looking through the hashtags on social media will be able to find your posts!

Beneath the title and hashtags will be the official Conference teaser (when it’s released). Right now we have a highlight package of last year’s Conference in Winnipeg entitled “Almighty”. If you’ve never been to a Conference, or have friends who haven’t gone, this is the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about!

Following the video you’ll find the information for the appropriate Conference. The Eastern Conference will be held from July 19-21 at the University of Waterloo. The Western Conference will be held from August 16-18 at the University of Calgary. You’ll find the appropriate contact information for various committees under each column as well as the Facebook event pages.

You can read tweets tagged with the official hashtags of the event in the next section and even tweet yourself if you’re logged in. Right after the tweets you can find information about the TNCs, this year’s particular theme “Jesus Expo”, the Liveloud campaign, and CFC-Youth in general. If you’ve got a question, read through the TNC 2013 page first and if you don’t find your answer there, shoot an email to the appropriate committee heads.

We are very excited to see you all at your respective Conference and remember to follow the blog for breaking news and updates.

We remain sincerely yours in Christ and
May God bless your preparations,
John Ray Catingub
Annie Au
CFC-Youth Canada National Press Heads


We’re Back!

This is it! For many years we have been trying to make our identity known on the internet. We’ve been through many different versions of our website, have tried, have failed, have tried again. This time, we think this is it. With the blessing of having our Youth Communications (YCOM) officially established which we never had before, we think that we now have a solid foundation to build our presence in the ever growing sphere of online communications.

In recent years, as Catholics, we have been called to proclaim God’s word in new ways—to re-propose the Gospel. We recognize the urgency of the call to New Evangelization and by God’s grace we hope to reach all the ends of the earth with this website.

Around July last year, the Couples for Christ Canada website experienced a cyber attack and with this, the CFC-Youth Canada website was wiped out. We did not give up!

It’s been a long journey bringing it back. Through the hard work of our web team, the website is now operational again, Praise God!

This website will be our platform to evangelize online through videos, photos, articles, and much more. Expect many improvements to come. We are just overjoyed that we can share with you the beauty of God in our community.

We are looking forward to journeying with you.

God bless.