Pacific Central: Being a Champion

Christian Arenzana speaks about being a Champion of the Poor at the February Cluster Assembly to the Central Cluster. (Photo: John Ray Catingub)

Champions protect and serve the weak. At this Cluster Assembly (CA), Central Cluster learned how to be champions of the poor.

The CA began with me leading worship where I shared my experience serving as a Champion of the Poor. The experience I shared with my brothers and sisters was my experience in serving with the Agape Street Ministry who aids and ministers to the afflicted women of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. I spoke of saying yes to God’s will and how it lead me to a greater realization. Although we are all brothers and sisters in Christ it was never revealed to me until serving for Agape Street Ministry. Then, united as one family under the house of God, we made the Sign of the Cross and worshiped our God.

After worship we went into the talk by Christian Arenzana teaching us how to become champions of the poor. Through this talk we learned what it takes to become a C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.:

  • Creating perfect moments by sharing our time, talent, and treasure;
  • Hoping and dreaming of a better future with them and for them;
  • Advocating the value of compassion by outdoing each other in love and generosity;
  • Making a piece of Heaven real on Earth by letting them see and experience Jesus in them;
  • Protecting and restoring their dignity because we are all equal in the eyes of God;
  • Initiating partnerships with charity organisations that can help us work for the poor;
  • Opening doors of opportunities for growth and healing; and
  • Never forgetting to pray and motivate others to pray for the poor.

As we went into our discussion groups we shared our reflections on how we serve as Champions of the Poor and what we can do to further our journey to become greater champions.

In our discussion groups we came to conclusion that a champion gives; whether it be time, prayers, money, et cetera, a champion gives. Champions will sacrifice and give up what they have so that the poor may find joy and love through the actions of a champion. The challenges of being a Champion of the Poor are huge steps to make for some but I could see that Central Cluster was ready and willing to step up their game.

Jan Carlo Paysan, CFC-Youth Pacific Region