#RevUPFebruary: Experiencing Jesus with the People on the Street

Christian Arenzana giving a talk about being a Champion of the Poor at the February Central Cluster Assembly on February 8, 2014 at St. Mary’s Parish in Vancouver, BC. (Photo: John Ray Catingub)

Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for Me.” (Matthew 25:40)

I was very blessed to have given my first talk about being a Champion of the poor for the Rev-up Awareness month. I shared much about myself being a Champion of the Poor in my own way. Its funny because, recently, my mom has asked me to donate some of my clothes and shoes to the poor. I have a lot of clothes that doesn’t fit me anymore and I guess it would help a lot of the brothers on the street today.

Some other things I would say I do are sometimes is give money to my brothers and sisters in Downtown Vancouver. It’s sad to say there’s a lot of them on Granville Street but when heading out of Mass at the cathedral, I can’t say, “No!” I always think of the saying on my bracelet: WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? But sometimes I’m low on cash, and all you have to do is have a open heart and listen to their wisdom and many stories they have to tell! I remember getting RAK’d by them so hard, performing a Random Act of Kindness and complimenting me. I truly experience Christ in them and all you have to do is say a couple words. That’s not so hard to do.

My brothers and sisters on the street are truly a reflection of God’s love towards me and, by that, we should do the same for them. RAK every time you see someone that needs food, needs cash flow, and certainly when it looks like they’re not having a good day! GOD BLESS!

Christian Arenzana, CFC-Youth Pacific Region