#TNC2013: Liveloud! Competition Updates!

Only two more days until #TNC2013 in the East! Thirty days until #TNC2013 in the West!

We’re praying for safe trips for all of our Eastern delegates flying/training/busing/driving to Waterloo! Whether you’re attending for your first or fifth or however-many time, we hope that God will reveal himself to you this coming weekend. And if you’re in the West, keep diligent in your preparations because a month will sneak up sooner than later.

Our Regional Music Ministries have been working hard to teach you some of the new songs we’ll be singing and praying with at Conference. Haven’t heard them yet? You’re in luck!

“Fearless” (CFC-Youth Mountain, posted July 14)

“My Jesus” (CFC-Youth Metro, posted July 14)

“I Know” (CFC-Youth Pacific, posted July 16)

And if you missed our first segment highlighting the first four songs, check them out in this post.

In addition, we have a few updates for East’s Creative Competitions:

  • Upon arrival on Friday, July 19, the following secondary requirements must be handed in to the competition table:
    • Band: Three (3) copies of lyrics for each of the songs selected
    • Original song: Three (3) copies of lyrics
    • Poetry slam: Three (3) printed copies of the poem
    • Most Valuable Photo: One (1) printed copy of your photo on 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper.
  • Once again, a reminder that there will be no essays for creative competitions. Instead, there will be a verbal explanation on the day of Conference (Friday, July 19). (Please refer to page 34 of creative competition guidelines.)

God bless your preparations!
John Ray Catingub
Annie Au
CFC-Youth Canada National Press Heads