Welcome! Part 3: Social Hub

Today, in the third installment of the Welcome! series, we’ll be looking at the Social Hub. As social media pervades our daily lives, information comes from all sorts of directions. An average youth can have a ton of social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and even pages on Flickr and YouTube. The same is true for CFC-Youth Canada; our social media presence is felt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube.

We’ve put together the Social Hub to gather our social media accounts and make it easier to see everything at a glance. Right now we have our Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo pages linked (and will hopefully get Instagram running soon enough)! The default view of the Social Hub is all four pages linking their most recent content with thumbnails. If you want to filter to only see a certain account, you can sort by clicking the corresponding button.

As social media continues to grow, expand, and evolve, the Social Hub will do the same. Let’s continue to use it as an avenue to spread the Gospel in new and imaginative ways in the digital age!

God bless!
John Ray Catingub
Annie Au
CFC-Youth Canada National Press Heads