We’re Back!

This is it! For many years we have been trying to make our identity known on the internet. We’ve been through many different versions of our website, have tried, have failed, have tried again. This time, we think this is it. With the blessing of having our Youth Communications (YCOM) officially established which we never had before, we think that we now have a solid foundation to build our presence in the ever growing sphere of online communications.

In recent years, as Catholics, we have been called to proclaim God’s word in new ways—to re-propose the Gospel. We recognize the urgency of the call to New Evangelization and by God’s grace we hope to reach all the ends of the earth with this website.

Around July last year, the Couples for Christ Canada website experienced a cyber attack and with this, the CFC-Youth Canada website was wiped out. We did not give up!

It’s been a long journey bringing it back. Through the hard work of our web team, the website is now operational again, Praise God!

This website will be our platform to evangelize online through videos, photos, articles, and much more. Expect many improvements to come. We are just overjoyed that we can share with you the beauty of God in our community.

We are looking forward to journeying with you.

God bless.